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We Ignite the Hidden Spark in you The Genesis Psychology Clinic the unsurpassed &  impeccable person oriented clinic 4 giving u best solution for life issues  


This website is to help you to arrive at a decision for a suitable Psychologist/ Clinical Psychologist /Strategist Health and Wellness Expert/ Psychotherapist / Corporate Psychologist/ Stress-Anger-Pain-Lifestyle-Wellness-Management Consultant/ Counselor/ Cognitive Behavior Therapist/Life Skill Expert/ Certified Health Coach/ Relaxation Therapist.

Psychology is the science of mind, brain, and behavior. Psychology is the science for peace of mind. The Bible Says: Our actions are direct results of our thoughts. If we have a negative mind, we will have a negative life. You cannot have a positive life and negative mind. 

                                   Counseling Language: Malayalam, English, Hindi, and Telugu. 


The Scriptures declare that God "has given us all things that pertain unto life and godliness . . ." (2 Pet. 1:3). "Godliness" includes both mind and behavior. Therefore, God says that the Scriptures are sufficient for structuring both mind (thoughts) and behavior (actions) in godliness--as 2 Timothy 3:16 also teach ("instruction in righteousness").

Stress is inevitable, but distress is optional   Mental Peace or PIECE choice is? You’re Not Alone! Perhaps you are seeking treatment for mood, stress or anxiety. You or your family may be considering counseling or therapy to improve the quality of important relationships. There are many reasons people turn to above mentioned professionals. Psychological problems affect millions of people worldwide. They are more prevalent than cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and traffic accidents and second only to heart conditions. They are specially trained to assist the large population, and their services help sufferers effectively deal with their problems so that YOU can live happier, healthier lives. Every year thousands of individuals visit these professionals for help in better understanding themselves and others and in dealing with personal problems. If you think you may need to see one those, this website can help you. It will explain you about treatment assessment and you provide guidance for choosing one and explain how they can help you.

The Psychology of Life 

The best Psychology Clinic for Psychological Issues, Stress Management, Anger management, Lifestyle management, Chronic Pain management, Wellness, Life-skills, and Work-Life balance Issues. Comprehensive and state of the art approach for the transformation of Individuals.   Genesis Psychology Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic recognized for its transforming cutting edge philosophy that is commitment & dedicated to the mental fitness and well-being. Our aim is to impart evidence-based programs and interventions for persons who are experiencing mental health, wellness and other problems in daily living (home, school, workplace, and society) with resilience and pro-social, adaptive behavior. The clinic is committed to effective, result oriented and time bound Therapy and Behavioral Medicine interventions.

At GENESIS we are committed to Clinical, Corporate and Health Psychology - the science of Brain and behavior engineering. Clinic offer personalized assessment, counseling and psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, groups and family. We are dedicated to providing best counseling services that combine traditional treatment with advanced treatment strategies aimed at improving therapy outcomes using the latest therapy research finding.  

Life pretense a range of challenges, and often seem overwhelming. From wrestling with emotions, to navigating relationships, to coping with loss and hardship, we at The Psychology and Life skills Clinic can help. At times some people can manage, but many others do not. And whilst the media is full of advice and generalizations, none of this is specific, and designed to help you personally. At The Psychology Clinic, we offer professional consultation and therapy so that you need not be alone in facing life’s challenges.

Looking for a therapist is an important step toward improving and beginning a new life. I believe that in order to grow and make changes in life, people need validation, support & practical skills. Clinic strives to provide empathic, supportive & productive therapeutic relationships to give you a fruitful life.

It's Good to Talk to a Psychologist

Are you struggling with emotional difficulties, know something is wrong but not how to get back on track?  Working with a psychologist can assist you feel better and more fulfilled in your life.  Therapy does not necessarily have to last a long time and even seeing a qualified psychologist for a brief period can equip you with valuable knowledge and skills to assist you with managing painful emotions, changing unhelpful behaviors and having a greater sense of well being. 

We understand that life can be stressful and certain situations can be overwhelming. And as a practicing psychologist, I am here to listen and to help you on your path to wellness and a rewarding and effective life. Through discussing, exploring, listening, and mindfulness, we will work together to assess your issues and work to resolve them. The road to the life you want to be living takes dedication, hard work, education and change. It takes being with someone who knows how to listen and to hear.

My goal is to help you experience success in dealing with issues that are painful for you and get in the way of your living the life you want to live. Psychotherapy is a collaborative effort and I am here to work together with you on your recovery and wellness.

About Us

The Genesis Psychology Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic recognized for its transforming cutting edge philosophy that is commitment & dedicated to the mental fitness and well-being. Our aim is to impart evidence-based programs and interventions for persons who are experiencing mental health, wellness and other problems in daily living (home, school, workplace, and society) with resilience and pro-active, adaptive behavior. The clinic is committed to effective, result oriented and time bound Therapy and Behavioral Medicine interventions. Our benefits include: Avant-garde psychological treatments Leader in the field Specialty clinics based on the latest research, non judgmental and confidential personalized services.  

About Me

 Lifestyle Psychologist with more than 15 years of experience in the field of psychology, counseling, psychotherapy having hands on experience in complete Psychological Counseling, Lifestyle illness Care, Corporate Psychology, Stress Management, Health and Wellness Avenues, Employee Assistance Program, Neurology Care, Critical Care, Cardiology Care, Pain Management. ​Psychologists see a variety of people for all sorts of reasons including marital and family problems, illness or injury, loss of a loved one, anxiety, loneliness, depression, psychological aspects of medical illnesses, addictions, behavioral problems, disturbances in eating and sleeping, sexual issues, difficulties at work, children's educational problems, and caring for the elderly. 

Psychological Issues:

Anxiety, Depression, Sadness, Problems with decision making, Lack of interest in life, Lack of Attention and concentration, Negative thinking, difficulty forgetting past Individual Counseling - 360 degree change in life Marriage Counseling - Cherish your life with life partner Counseling for Anxiety & Depression - fight with innate potential Anger & Stress Management - Real life solutions for anger and stress related issues. Treatment for Mood Disorders - NO prescription therapy Life-skills coaching for academic issues - Education will become magic instead of tragic. Relaxation therapy - totally rejuvenates mind-body-s  Psychologist/ Clinical Psychologist/ Psychotherapist / Lifestyle Psychologist/ Corporate Psychologist/ Lifestyle-Wellness Management Consultant/ Counselor/ Cognitive Behavior Therapist/ Relaxation Therapist/ Stress Management/ Anger Management/ Chronic Pain Management.  We are there for you if you are… in need more confidence to excel aspire to enhance yourself experiencing sadness, fear, or uneasiness repetitive thoughts disturbing you Inability to turn around your negative thinking a graph here.

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