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OUR VISION: To help individuals to encounter the challenges of life. This will enable them to make their life healthier, and to guide them to a more positive self and better quality of life.

OUR MISSION: God began to show me that for people to be healthier and to live lives that are whole, they need to know their "true" Identity. it became very clear that if people are able to see themselves more the way GOD sees them, and are able to experience the love GOD has for them, they will able to give to others and live healthier life.

OUR VALUES: Centre Strives to:

Makes a Positive Difference through empathy and understanding

Be Compassionate; Respect Integrity; Maintain Honesty and Sincerity; Always Practice Kindness

A quest for excellence in psychological practice; Adhere to Ethical Practice


We aspire to be the pioneer in improving health through High -Quality Affordable, Integrated Health Care. We aim to be noteworthy for our strong social purpose and psychologist responsibility for Care and Wellness. We firmly believe that the pursuit for optimal wellness is an active process of making choices toward a more healthy existence. Which Our Creator has showered on us?

Genesis Psychology & Corporate Wellness Center is a multi-specialty center and recognized for its transforming cutting edge that is committed and dedicated to the mental health and well-being. Our mission is to provide evidence-based programs and interventions to people who are experiencing mental health, and wellness or other problems in living so they can respond to the stressors that they experience in the home, school, workplace, and society with resilience and pro-social, adaptive behavior.

We are committed to effective, evidence-based interventions, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Relaxation Therapy, and Behavioral Medicine approaches.

At GENESIS, we are committed to clinical and Health Psychology- the science of engineering Brain and behavior. We offers low cost counseling and psychotherapy to all individuals, couples, and families in the society. We are dedicated in providing high quality counseling services that combine traditional with advanced treatment strategies aimed at improving therapy outcomes. We will provide state of the art psychological interventions which are highly effective reducing pain, distress and life issues.   

We will provide state-of-the-art psychological interventions which are highly effective in reducing psychological and stress related issues. We aspire to be the pioneer in improving health and mental fitness through high-quality, affordable, integrated mental health care. We are noteworthy by our strong social purpose, psychologist responsibility for care & wellness. "We believe that the pursuit for optimal wellness is an active process of making choices toward a more healthy existence which Our Creator has showered on us.

Advantage of psychological therapy: Gain an expert understanding of your problems. Acquire a counsel on what will help you come out of your problem and lead a quality life. And we will be offering you an intervention, with progress reviewed regularly.

People seek counseling for many reasons. Typically people seek counseling when they feel (or know) they aren't happy. Sometimes the reason is as general as not feeling good, while other times people identify very specific reasons, such as the loss of a job or difficulty in personal relationships. Either way, counseling can provide the long- or short-term support to help you feel they way you want to and help you through difficult times. People are typically seen by a counselor within two to three days of their initial contact with the Clinic. There is no waitlists for the Clinic's individual, couple and family counseling service. To find out more about the Psychology Clinic's low-cost counseling and clinical psychology services, please click on one of the links to the left.

The Clinic offers psychological assessment and therapy services to people of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults and older adults. Treatment Age(s) Adolescents, Adults, Children 10+, Couples, Families, seniors.


Finding a psychologist who is compassionate, capable and sensitive can be difficult.

Genesis provides you Clinical Psychologist & Mental Fitness Expert who not only have specialized knowledge and excellent therapeutic skills. Here are some other reasons to consider working with us:

Very Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times and at any cost. Maintaining your integrity and confidentiality are the highest priorities, and the reasons many individuals choose our professional services. Clinical Psychologists with Doctoral level qualifications in Clinical Psychology and healthcare industry. More than 10 years’ experience, working as a Clinical Psychologist. Have been involved in teaching, research, drug trials and supervision within the psychology profession. Strong backgrounds in successfully treating a wide range of presenting issues in a number of clinical contexts. Take a clear and practical approach to psychology. We focus on understanding your needs and then providing a range of targeted treatments and strategies. We are committed to providing effective evidence-based, best practices and remain fully engaged in professional development.Our unique feature makes us distinct from others: the time we spend with each client. Our philosophical roots are in treating the Cause, not the effect. No medicine is involved. If medicine if required then we will refer to our panel doctor. Our innate urge is to enhance the Quality of your life. Our Result Oriented approach makes us unique. And at the sessions you discover a New You!

 At Genesis treat each patient as an individual and work to develop the skills you require to solve your present problems, and those all through your life. I will take my time to carefully understand your complete situation, you as a person, and the aspirations you desire.   At Genesis YOU are important for us. 


John is a practitioner in Clinical Psychology- focusing on Lifestyle Management, life Skills, Wellness, Work - life balance and academic coaching. He is a compassionate, empathetic, and solution oriented professional dedicated to providing exceptional care and implementing effective treatment plans for individuals requiring psychological and wellness intervention. John holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, as well as a Masters of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology, with a concentration in Mental Health, Health, Wellness, Academics and Management.

Having more than nine years’ experience in clinical psychology - Corporate/ Hospitals/ Institutes / Schools/ Colleges/ Organization -Assessment/ Counseling/Therapy/ Management- lifestyle – stress / Teaching / Training. Having knowledge of principles, methods, and procedures for assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and psycho-therapeutic intervention for physical and mental dysfunctions. Trained to assess and respect individual differences in ability, personality, and interests; learning and motivation; psychological research methods; cognitive re-training, psychological therapies, neuro-psychological assessment and treatment of neuro-behavioral disorders. Capable of giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made.  Effective motivator, communicator, and advocate with inherent ability to manage all types of personalities, diffuse stressful situations, proactively resolve issues, and meet and achieve challenging goals and objectives.

 John has a passion for Health, Education and Learning, and believes that everyone can find their dream, be successful in academics, profession and balance life if they develop a plan of action, and learn about their skills, personality, interests, emotions, motivation and values.

He teaches at the university levels and has experience in teaching courses in general psychology and management and has worked with students of all ages providing insight into professionalism and life skills development. He has experience as a trainer, cognitive trainer, psychotherapist, case manager. He has worked in the mental health field providing counseling and psycho-educational groups with adolescents and adults teaching stress management techniques, and interpersonal relationship skill, and has a personal interest in psychology. Along with coaching and teaching, John is a Social Worker and Church Music Teacher. Listening to music and reading books inspired by GOD - GOD’S WORD is another face book.

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